Cleaning Kitchen Trash Can

Is your trash can giving off a funky smell? Then its time to clean it out. Cleaning out your kitchen trash can is quick and easy. Listed below are the steps I take to obtain a clean trashcan.


Step #1

Remove everything from inside of trash can

Step #2

Fill bottom of trash can with really hot water.

Step #3

Grab some dish washing liquid from the kitchen & a smell good bathroom cleaner (can use a little bleach instead of cleaner)  . Pour inside trash can.

Step #4

Get a clean toilet brush. And clean inside of trash can.

Step #5

Rinse inside of trash can out.

Step #6

Leave upside down in tub to dry or place outside to dry.

Step #6

Once dry Flip right side up & Place trash bag back inside or trash can .

Your Finished. You know have a nice and clean trashcan. Without the bad smell 🙂





How to Clean Plastic Shower Curtain

Step #1

Take down shower curtain and place curtain rings somewhere where they wont get lost. 

Step #2

Run hot water ( Enough to stand skin contact).

Step #3

Grab Dish Washing Liquid from Kitchen & Pour about 2 tablespoons full of Washing Liquid in Tub of hot water.

Step #4

Put Shower Curtain inside the hot water in tub. (Make sure there is enough water to drench the shower curtain).

Step #5

Get inside tub. (Yes I said get inside the tub). Once inside the tub. Spread legs shoulder width apart. Begin to move legs and feet back and forth. (Like a washing machine would do for about 10-15 min)

Step #6

Once you feel that you have done enough leg washing. Let the now dirty water out. Make sure to leave curtain inside tub. If you can quickly run the shower head over the curtain, until the soap suds are gone (Without soaking the bathroom floor) go ahead. If the floor is going to get soaked, just run the tubs faucet over the Shower Curtain.

Step #7

Once Shower Curtain is nice and clean. Grab the shower curtain rings and replace them. Hang up your shower Curtain to dry.

Step #8

Make sure to clean the bottom and sides of tub if it got dirty during the cleaning process.

Tips For Cleaning Dirty Tub

Cleaning the bathroom tub is no easy task. It’s probably the last thing you would want to do on your to do list. However, you can only put it off for so long. That is, until the brown ring around the tub is undeniably noticeable. Once you can no longer put off the burden of having to hunch over & work out those biceps. It finally comes down to it. YOU HAVE TO CLEAN THE TUB. Below I have listed tips on how to acquire a squeaky clean tub that you wouldn’t have to be embarrassed about if someone decided to pull those curtains back & get a glimpse. Let’s face it people like to snoop. Avoid the embarrassment by taking some pointers from the Tips Listed Below.

Tip #1

Remove all of the Soap, Shampoo, Conditioner, Shaving cream and etc from corners and shower caddy’s. (You don’t want cleaning supplies all over your things) it also helps because you won’t have to move them later to clean under & around .

Tip #2
Wet Shower up a bit by running it & getting entire area wet with curtain closed. Turn off water. Then Run some hot water in tub with tub stopper in place. Running enough “Hot” water to just cover the bottom surface of the tub. Grab bathroom cleaner. I recommend using Comet or Ajax powder cleaner for this step. Both work great in knocking away dirt & mold. Shake can all over the bottom, sides, corners and walls.(Dry powder will stick because the shower is already wet). Both work great in knocking away dirt & mold. Let sit for about 5-10 Min


Tip #3
After powder sits grab a scrub brush with or without a handle. ( Without a handle is a bit easier). Wet scrub brush in hot water in bottom of tub. Scrub shower walls from top to bottom using small-Medium sized circles. Do this in sort of a column fashion. (Straight up and down). Be sure to keep scrub brush wet by dipping in hot water. After each “column” run fingers back and forth over what you have just scrubbed to check if you hear a squeaky clean sound. If you don’t hear it. IT’s NOT Clean. So go over it a little more to acquire the sound of clean. Rinse down walls with curtain closed to wash down.


Tip #4
once the shower walls are clean it’s time to move to the bottom of the tub. The bottom will have most of the dirt build up. So in this step I like to add a little smell good regular bath room cleaning liquid like Pine-Sol )Add to water at bottom of tub. Scrub inside of tub walls in column fashion like tip #2. ( During cleaning if water gets cold, dump out and make fresh water with comet & bathroom cleaner). Make sure to clean corners ,water faucet & Shower Head )Scrub water faucet & shower head down until it shines, helps to use a hot rag to wipe faucet & remove water stains).Once complete rinse down the entire shower once again.


Replace all of your hygiene items & close up shop. Your tub is now squeaky clean! 😊

Wasn’t too bad after all. A little hard work and dedication pays off. Enjoy the fresh & comforting feeling of a clean shower 🚿 & Tub 🛀 !!!